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Satta Bazar, Goa – An Introduction


The town of Satta Bazar situated on the left bank of the Banaras River and on the left bank of the Sattar river attracts a large number of tourists every day. With its natural beauty, this small town offers a perfect getaway for couples, families and nature lovers. There are many places in and around Satta Bazar that offer some of the best sightseeing destinations.

The name Satta is derived from two Sanskrit words ‘sattva’ meaning good fortune and ‘ta’ meaning river. Satta Bazar means ‘the place of the rivers’. It is also the birth place of Lord Krishana and is believed to be the location of Lord Krishana’s kingdom. It is here that tourists can see some of the best temples such as Kapileshwara Temple, Sudarshan Temple, Gomutra Temple and Kalyani Nagar Temple.

Sattar Bazar is also a great place to shop for souvenirs and take home some mementos. It has bazaars for garments, toys, jewelries and many other things. The most popular products are silk, jute, bamboo, cottons and silk embroidered clothes. Some of the most popular markets where tourists can shop are Dussehra Bazaar, Banarasi Bazaar, Jain Bazaar. There are also many shophouses in the region that sell basic clothes. These shophouses also have a variety of accessories for daily use at reasonable rates.

Tourists who wish to spend the whole day shopping in Satta Bazar can do so. There are innumerable restaurants and eateries located at different places in the region. It is possible for tourists to reach Satta Bazar by road. The road to the market is well developed and provides a safe, secure and comfortable way to explore the town. The best part about this is that there are taxis available for the tourist to reach Satta Bazar from any point of the airport.

The price of food in satta king up is generally low and affordable for most of the day long tourists. Most of the restaurants have family menus, which provide an inexpensive fare for the day. Most of these eateries also provide a wide variety of dishes on the menu. A popular dish is ‘Sate Khori’, which is originated from Kerala.

The best way to explore the town is by cycle or motor bike. There are many motor bike taxis in the area, which pick up tourists from Satta Bazar at their destinations. The journey takes about an hour. One can also catch a taxi at the airport itself and reach Satta Bazar easily. However, in case one cannot find a taxi or a bus on the day of traveling, they can choose to rent a car or a scooter from a car rental company at Satta.

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