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Submitted by kavanagh. on 2006-05-16 10:41 PM. freedom
Conservative narrative on President Bush's economic and business policies over the last six years. Speech given to the American Enterprise Institute.

The American economy has created more jobs than all the countries in the Euro zone and Japan combined, and our economy is growing today faster than that of any major industrialized nation in the world.

It grew at an annual rate of 4.8 percent in the first quarter. It added more than 5.2 million jobs in the last two and a half years.

Employment is at near all-time high. Claims for unemployment insurance are at a five-year low. The unemployment rate is 4.7 percent; well below the average for each of the last three decades.

Tax revenues are at an all-time high, in large measure because of the economic growth the tax cuts contributed to. Last year, for example, revenues confounded the experts by surging $274 billion above forecasts. That's almost 15 percent.

In the words of the Wall Street Journal, this is, quote, "the largest two-year increase in tax revenue collections, after adjusting for inflation, that has ever been recorded."

Real Clear Politics: The Bush Economy - 5/16/2006

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2006-05-07 08:56 PM. recreation
Today we enjoyed a pleasant stroll through the Village of Lewiston and along the lower Niagara River Gorge. It put Joshua to sleep!

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2006-05-02 03:32 PM. space
With a 80 cm telescope, Tobias Lindemann, Josef Huber and Klaus Navel made this detailed image of the International Space Station on Nov. 15, 2005 while a Soyuz was docked to the station.
Submitted by kavanagh. on 2006-04-30 08:58 PM. military
Protesters apparently prefer mass-murdering Arab tyrants to mass-murdering Arab militias

On the same day that thousands in NY protest against a U.S. military intervention to stop a mass-murdering regime in Iraq, other thousands in DC protest for a U.S. military intervention to stop a mass-murdering regime in Sudan.

Thousands in NYC Protest War - New York Times, April 30, 2006

''End this war, bring the troops home,'' read one sign lifted by marchers on the sunny afternoon, three years after the war in Iraq began.

Protesters: Bring the troops home NOW!

Thousands Gather in Rally for Darfur - Washington Post, April 30, 2006

Clutching signs that read "Never Again", thousands of protesters... They came out as one to demand the Bush administration push harder for a multinational peacekeeping force to be sent to Darfur

Protesters: No, wait! - send the troops to Sudan NOW!

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2006-04-17 08:02 AM.
Joshua eagerly cooed and gooed and then replied to our cooes and gooes last night. Two-way communication! Joshua is now 11 weeks old.

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2006-04-02 03:24 PM.
Joshua, nine weeks old, is held by his great-grandfather. His father and grandfather are at his sides. In the black and white photo below, Joshua's great-great-grandfather is pictured as a tall young boy and his great-great-great-grandfather is seated on the left in a suit.

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2006-04-02 03:18 PM.
Photographed some time around 1910, the Kavanagh children in the photo below were the first generation born in the United States. Their parents, on the left and right, emmigrated from Ireland to Chicago in the late 1800s.

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2006-03-30 04:37 PM. military
A look at the strategic and technological implications of the stealh bomber

Designed as a Cold War weapon system, the B-2 was also a central player in an economic war to break the then-Soviet Union's financial back. The U.S. chose an aggressive offensive strategy, because history had proven it is much costlier to build strong defenses than to field effective offenses. LO aircraft such as the F-117 Nighthawk and B-2 Spirit would have forced the Soviets to spend enormous sums on air defense systems.

Legacy of B-2 Bomber Innovations Apparent in J-UCAS and Other Programs
By William B. Scott
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2006-03-16 11:47 AM. freedom
It is the policy of the United States to seek and support democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world.

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2006-03-13 08:16 AM. space
Explore satellite maps of Mars in visible, elevation and infrared