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Submitted by kavanagh. on 2005-06-20 05:51 PM. freedom
Rice Challenges Saudi Arabia and Egypt on Democracy Issues

For 60 years, my country, the United States, pursued stability at the expense of democracy in this region here in the Middle East, and we achieved neither," Ms. Rice declared at the American University in Cairo. "Now we are taking a different course. We are supporting the democratic aspirations of all people".

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2005-06-17 07:40 PM. space
Three days until the launch of the Planetary Society's Cosmos-1. On June 21, a soviet-era ICBM will toss the privately-funded spacecraft in to orbit.

Cosmos-1 will unfurl eight 15 meter sails to catch the sunlight which will accelerate it 100 mph per day. Check out it's website:

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2005-06-11 09:49 PM. recreation
The nine months will go by fast! The Kavanagh family has been waiting for their first great-grandchild for a long time.
Submitted by kavanagh. on 2005-06-09 08:29 PM. recreation
Put me to sleep - it's too long. Seriously, I think I'd rather watch a Howard Hughes biopic on A&E. Great acting by Leonaro DiCaprio, though.
Submitted by kavanagh. on 2005-06-05 06:16 PM.
Finished reading volume 2 of Edward Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Very dry buy insightful. Detailed the relationship between the early church and the emperors. Followed Roman history from the establishment of Constantinople to just before Aleric sacked Rome.

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2005-06-05 02:28 AM. freedom
The chinese consulate-general in Sydney has defected to australia with his wife but has been refused asylum.

"Mr Chen was involved in the Tiananmen Square protests and joined the diplomatic corps after being re-educated. In his surprise appearance, the former diplomat spoke at length explaining he had left the consulate because he opposes the persecution of dissidents. He also gave examples of kidnappings, life imprisonments and executions carried out by the Chinese government. "

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2005-06-04 08:46 PM. space
The Deep Impact spacecraft is one month away from blowing off a part of comet Temple 1. On July 4, the deep space mission led by the University of Maryland will excavate a stadium sized chunk of the comet when the copper impactor strikes Tempel 1 at tens of thousands of miles an hour.

This will be the first time space scientists will be able to look inside of a comet. A the exact time that the Deep Impact's copper projectile strikes Temple 1, three space observatories: Spitzer, Hubble and Chandra, will examine the explosion in infrared, visible and x-ray wavelengths.

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2005-06-03 12:13 PM. recreation
Dined on seafood bisque and burger at Cafe Saint-Ex in NW DC last night.
Submitted by kavanagh. on 2005-05-24 08:02 AM.
The Genographic Project

DNA analysis includes an interactive map tracing human genetic lineage around the world and through the ages.

Submitted by kavanagh. on 2005-05-20 09:56 AM. space
NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft appears twice in the same frame in this image from the Mars Orbiter Camera aboard NASA's Mars Global Surveyor. The camera's successful imaging of Odyssey and of the European Space Agency's Mars Express in April 2005 produced the first pictures of any spacecraft orbiting a foreign planet taken by another spacecraft orbiting that planet.